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About Therapy

Psychotherapy offers a safe space where you can share your difficulties, concerns or anything that matters to you. With support from a therapist, you will explore your situation to gain better insight and understanding of what you are going through.
Therapy will help you to discover new ways of managing your problems and emotions.  It will enable you to develop more satisfying relationships you have with others and yourself. The aim of psychotherapy is on one hand to elevate the symptoms and distress you may be experiencing, but also by increasing your self-awareness to give you more freedom and choice in life.
The first session is an opportunity to describe your problems in a safe and confidential setting.
It will allow your therapist to formulate and discuss with you some ideas about the nature of your difficulties and possible therapeutic interventions. It is also an opportunity for you to get to know your therapist and their ways of working. During this meeting you will be able to discuss if you can work together and how therapy is organised. Sometimes it may be necessary to attend more than one consultation session.
The initial consultation may be an emotional experience. It is a natural and understandable part of the process and your therapist will try to support you to make sense of the feelings you experiencing at the time.
  • short term therapy eg. MBT, CBT, DIT,  integrative counselling
  • open-ended, in-depth psychoanalytic/psychodynamic psychotherapy
  • child/adolescent psychotherapy and counselling
  • couple counselling and therapy
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